NEW – Late Fee

If payment of delinquent bills is not received by 5:00PM the day BEFORE the DISCONNECT DATE, the account is considered delinquent and will be assessed a $25 LATE FEE.

If the account remains delinquent, it will be scheduled for SHUT-OFF on the 25th day of the month (unless the 25th falls on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, then the next regular business day).  A $25 DISCONNECT/TURN-ON FEE will be assessed.

To restore service, the account must be paid IN FULL, including LATE FEE and DISCONNECT/TURN-ON FEES.

This policy will go into effect in November 2015.

New Water/Sewer Rates Now In Effect

The City Council approved rate increases for both water and sewer that are now in effect and will be reflected on July1, 2015 billing.  The base rates for water and sewer will be $27.39 and $26.28 respectively for up to 4,000 gallons of water usage.  The per 1,000 gallon rate over the 4,000 gallons will remain the same at $1.58.  Please contact City Hall if you have any questions.

New Library Website

Glenys Rasmussen, the newest edition to the City Staff, has implemented a new website for the library.  It includes information on services and activities.  Keep up to date with them here.

About Town – Swimming Pool

The Parma Swimming Pool had its beginning with the community minded Parma Lions Club, when in June 1959 the pool had its grand opening. It was referred to as “Memorial Pool” according to the plaque near the pool entrance door. In 1981, a memorial grant from the Community Foundation in memory of long time Parma Review newspaper, owner, editor and publisher Theron Gough, was awarded to the City for a solar heat exchanger. The heat exchanger was mounted on the roof of city hall with a collector in a city hall store room. The system was marginally effective and after a period of about 15 years was finally removed. Again, in 2005, the Parma Lion’s Club, along with a substantial donation from an anonymous donor, completed a major renovation of the pool. Several years ago, roofs were added over the dressing rooms as well as re-surfacing of the deck. A year ago this past spring, the pool was completely repainted by Canyon County Inmate Labor program. New pool furniture has been purchased over the last several years. In addition, last year a handicapped chair lift was installed according to  requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Southwest District Health District makes four visits (one each month of operation) in addition to the pre-opening visit. All comments were positive and compliments were given to the manager and staff with regard to the cleanliness of the pool, deck, and especially the changing rooms. The staffing of the pool during busy times, according to the inspector, was very appropriate. In addition, the inspector approved of the rotation schedule of the guards during the hottest part of the day.

Besides Parma, swim lessons were given to students from Nyssa, Adrian, Middleton, Vale, Wilder, Homedale, Fruitland, Payette, Ontario, and Notus. There were 244 swim lessons taught this year, up from 221 lessons last year. Twenty-four private lessons were taught, this up from 18 the previous year. General comments from parents, with regard to swimming instruction, has all been very positive. Most comments focused on the fact that two instructors were available for each small group, and on occasion there were at least three in the very youngest groups. There were a few lessons that could not be accommodated because of time constraints and the fact that all of the swim instructors were completely booked.

There were 48 paid swim team members. The Parma team hosted one swim meet. There are plans underway to host two swim meets next year. Leadership of the swim team has remained the same for last several years. Many parents were also actively involved during the swim meet to help it run more smoothly. There was great enthusiasm among both the participants and spectators with regard to the running of the meet.

Pool management has also remained the same since the YMCA gave up management about three years ago. The pool manager insists on rigorous training for the life guards and the continual refresher trainings that occur through the season. The staff was able to work directly with the Parma EMT’s at a special two hour training in late July.

As always, your comments and questions may be given to me at 722-5138 or emailed to me at